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Hi Creative Person.

Welcome to your new favourite studio space.

Welcome to Hash Studios!


A photography and videography studio in the heart of Newmarket designed by creatives for creatives. We've been capturing content for some of New Zealand's biggest brands for close to ten years and we're ready to open our studio doors to other creators.

In this time, we've curated thousands of props, an extensive selection of bases and backgrounds, and all the extras content creators need. Whether you're shooting table-top or portraits we've got you covered with our fully-equipped studio including a small cyclorama wall, kitchen and gear-rental if your kit needs a few extra pieces. 

Mates Rates : 

Full Day Hire - $850

Half Day Hire - $450​

Full & Half Day Studio hire includes : 

  • Large studio space including a 5x5 Cyclorama, concrete floors, white walls and 1 red brick wall

  • Tether station, plug into our 32" colour accurate monitor

  • Fully-equipped Kitchen on set for easy food prep and styling

  • 2 C-Stands, sandbags and Dolly (our handy trolly with essential shoot items)

  • Over 1,000 props including plates, bowls, cutlery, boards and fabrics

  • Up to 3 Free parking spaces available on request, double access doors and wheelchair accessible.

  • Couch, Table with seating, bar fridge and tea/coffee station available for cre and clients

  • Free Wifi & Sonos Connectivity 

  • Garment Steamer and cloth rack available

Additional Costs:

  • Base, backgrounds and paper backdrops

  • Backroom Props (fish tanks, christmas trees & decorations, tents etc)

  • Lighting, Filming, Audio Equipment & Hazer

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20 Morgan Street, Newmarket 




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